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Luca Burgio
Product Design Lead at Bending Spoons.
Previously Android Design Lead at Musixmatch.
Creator of Iconoir and Particular.
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Function Lead of Product Design
Bending Spoons
Bending Spoons is an elite team who creates their own tech products, used and loved by millions all around the world. Currently focused on mobile apps, and they’re constantly evaluating opportunities in other exciting fields.
2013 - 2018
Android Lead Designer
Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics platform - where you can search, enjoy, and share lyrics from any track, anywhere in the world.
An awarded running game.
A simple and definitive open-source SVG icons library.
Holo Series
A visual art exploration and playground.
Particular was featured by Apple in Europe the first week of the release, in 2016. The game, available for iOS and Android reached 756.000 downloads.
The game was born as a personal exploration of the world behind Unity Engine. Particular took 6 months of work, crafted in my spare time.
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As Product Designer and Android Lead Designer at Musixmatch, I was involved in the entire product process of the company. We reached important goals during the years with a neat design and new features.
The product was largely spread out to Android, iOS, TV, Watch and web.
Politecnico di Milano
Presenting 'Process of designing Products'. The complete process behind the build of a product, in that case, an app. The entire flow, starting from the User Experience and the wireframing, The Design, The Prototyping, The Finalization and the last step, the Development.
Dribbble Event Milan 2019
The Dribbble event at Bending Spoons HQ, in Milan. Presenting Figma, Prototyping tools and the process of designing products.
Polimi Interaction Design Class
Presenting the use of prototypes to improve the Design Process and to avoid common UX mistakes, and common rules to consider during the study of an efficient User Experience.
The Making Of Particular
Most of you probably don't know about Particular and its story because I had never decided to publish it – until now – four years later. [...]
How we boosted our design process
In 2018, Bending Spoons switched from Sketch to Figma. We evaluated the benefits and the reasons behind the change. Now Figma allows us to work in a faster and simpler way with developers and also teams not directly involved in the specific design process [...]
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Iconoir is available on Figma, React and React Libraries, CSS and happily integrated in Framer.
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